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Automation Solutions

Creative, Customized, Cost-effective Industrial Automation Solutions

Automation Skunkworks R & D

Innovation. Speed. Out-of-the-box solutions. It happens often - you have a great idea but don’t know just how to execute it (or maybe you do, but don’t know who to trust to build it.) Every project starts with an idea and you need a specialized team dedicated to making that idea a reality. Live Automation has helped many clients go from concept to production and we can help get you there too.


Consulting & Platform Integration

Modern technologies are continually evolving, making it challenging for companies to keep up with automation opportunities and trends that can keep them ahead of the curve, and in front of the competition. That’s where we step in. As forward-looking control system integrators, we help bridge the gap between technology and your business, especially when you don’t have in house resources or the level of expertise required to take on this critical responsibility.


Retrofitting, Upgrading, Migration

We work with our clients to evaluate the best option for their specific needs, whether it is modernizing with retrofitting, upgrading the entire system or cross migrating using newer technology. In the hands of an experienced controls engineer, today’s retrofitting capabilities and control systems are simply awesome, delivering more security and integrating seamlessly into your current process.


OEE  - Overall Equipment Effectiveness

You can’t improve upon what you can’t measure. And having made a large investment in your industrial automation machines and processes, we understand that you want to achieve the maximum return on that investment and have continuous availability of reliable equipment with precision performance. Leveraging OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) Live Automation can help you achieve both goals by uncovering your hidden factory – a place of optimal performance where reduced lead times and improved production quality are realized through OEE calculation.


Field Service & Maintenance

Your goal is our mission - maintaining the integrity of your systems and keeping them operational. From maintenance to management, Live Automation’s professional engineers and technicians can triage simple and complex control system bugs, machine failures and process interruptions. By deploying leading-edge remote monitoring and diagnostics capabilities to quickly identify and troubleshoot issues in real time, we can be there when you need us to help keep your operations running smoothly.