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For the last 15 years Live Automation has consistently been an excellent resource for anything from electrical controls to troubleshooting to PLC and VFD upgrades to large-scale, complex electromechanical systems design.
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Meet the Live Automation Team

Live Automation is comprised of a core group of strategists, inventors, designers and engineers. And when needed, we compliment our team with additional engineering staff and leverage a group of trusted subcontractors for specialized tasks.

Mike (Founder)

Mike has over 20 years’ experience in the industrial automation and manufacturing industry. A degreed Mechanical Engineer, Mike has launched hundreds of automation solutions for various industries including food and beverage, water and wastewater, plastics, security and detention, biotech & pharma, medical, and many more.

In the 1990’s Mike worked as a project engineer for the fledgling plastics recycling industry, managing projects across 6 plants nationally. During those days, specialized equipment for the recycling industry didn’t exist. “We had to either repurpose machinery from other industries or build our own from scratch. At that time my skillset was in the mechanical design of machines…I just didn’t know how to make my designs tick.” So after spending countless nights and weekends learning basic relay logic, Mike found he had both a passion and unique ability to develop innovative control systems that were easy to use.

In 2001, Mike left the plastics recycling industry and joined forces with a local industrial electrical firm to explore the possibility of becoming a full-time controls engineer. In 2002, Live Automation, Inc. was formed and Mike began building the company from the ground up. Through the years and with various partners and subcontractors, Live Automation has grown from a one-man operation to a full-service automation provider with loyal employees who have diversified expertise in many disciplines. Having a reliable, skilled team of experts means that Mike can concentrate his focus on customer relations, business development goals and larger project management.

Mike has been married for over twenty-five years and has three children. When he is not working, Mike enjoys coaching, watching and sometimes even playing ice hockey.

Nicole (Operations Manager)

A seasoned project manager for over 20 years, Nicole joined the team at Live Automation when the need arose for someone with strong management skills to run the day-to-day operations. Nicole brought to the organization her extensive experience working on multiple time- and budget-sensitive projects as well as excellent communication skills. She is a result-driven leader who truly believes that an organization is only as strong as its team members. To that end, she has introduced new methodology and systems that help keep things running smoothly, keep team members focused and happy to come to work, maintain Live’s reputation as a relevant and valuable member of the industrial controls and custom manufacturing industries, and keep customer satisfaction very high on the list of priorities.

When she is not working, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Ed (Controls Engineering Manager)

Ed is a degreed Plastics engineer who found his calling to do controls early on in his career. After many years as a field engineer with a large OEM, followed by years as a technical expert in HMI and PLC controls, Ed joined Live Automation in 2010. Since then Ed has proven to be a valuable part of our team and is tasked with taking on some of our toughest challenges and managing our biggest clients.

Ed is married and has three boys. When he is not working, Ed spends his time coaching football and basketball.

Scott (Senior Controls Engineer)

Scott started off with Live Automation as a trusted subcontractor back in the mid 2000’s. He eventually joined our team full time in 2016. As both a licensed Master Electrician and a Controls Engineer, Scott excels at large and complex control process solutions.

Scott is the proud dad of two daughters.

Marty (Senior Controls Engineer)

Marty has been with us since the beginning. A seasoned controls engineer with varied experience in PLC, Servo, SCADA, Motors, HMI and Data Collection, Marty brings not only control systems knowledge and data, but also wisdom to Live Automation.

Away from work Marty enjoys golf, spending time with his wife and family, and the occasional game of pool.

Bruce (Management Consultant)

Bruce and Mike have worked together on and off since 1996. A veteran of the high-tech industry, Bruce managed production at a large computer manufacturer. He left high tech for a period to start a plastics recycling company. After a successful merger and acquisition, Bruce has consulted on many businesses across various industries. A trusted member of our management team, Bruce has helped Live Automation grow responsibly into the organization it has become today.

Away from work, Bruce is surrounded by women. That’s to say his wife of 52 years, three daughters, and six granddaughters.

Karen (Office Manager)

Karen joined Live Automation back in 2013 as our bookkeeper. Since then she has developed into one of the most dependable members of our team, managing everything office related. Extremely organized with an unmatched attention to detail, Karen keeps the office running efficiently.

Karen is also Live’s “Minister of Fun,” managing company outings and get togethers. Away from Live, Karen loves to travel the world with her husband.

Cole (Mechanical Engineer)

A Mechanical Engineer graduate of Merrimack College, Cole joined our mechanical design team in 2022. With his attention to detail and unique perspective, he brings a wealth of design knowledge from his many internships.

Outside of work, Cole enjoys golfing, working on personal projects and 3D printing.

Mitchell (Mechanical Engineer)

Mitchell graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from Fairfield University in 2020. He started his career at Raytheon Technologies, where he gained valuable experience in design and development of mechanical systems. He joined Live Automation in 2022 and is currently contributing to the company's goal of providing innovative automation solutions.

Outside of work, Mitchell is an avid reader and fitness enthusiast who enjoys participating in triathlons and hiking in the beautiful White Mountains.

Paul (Controls Engineer)

Paul has 15+ years of experience in installing, commissioning and maintaining control systems. He began his career as a controls engineer for a systems integrator. There he provided PLC and HMI/SCADA programming for the food and beverage, mining, timber, water, and wastewater industries.

Paul recently moved to the U.S. from Australia to marry his wife, who he met through mutual friends at a bible study conference in Canada. In his spare time, Paul enjoys outdoor pursuits like hiking, birdwatching and canoeing.

Dave (Controls Engineer)

Dave is a Master Electrician who began his career in the industrial industry, where he quickly found a passion for industrial controls. Something about their unique challenge drove him to dive head-first into the world of automation.

When he is not busy at work, he enjoys spending his time with his wife and their son who loves to swim.

David (Facilities Manager)

With over 30 years of experience, David has an extensive background in marine systems engineering, conservation and installation along with a vast knowledge of industrial machinery and applications. His shop management and organizational skills help keep things running smoothly.

When he’s not working, David enjoys playing music and riding his motorcycle.

Patrick (Controls Engineer)

Patrick is a Controls Specialist and Master Electrician with over a decade of experience helping businesses and manufacturers install, maintain, and improve their equipment and process. Before joining Live Automation, Patrick provided equipment support and improvement for an aerospace composites manufacturer, performed electrical installations for a large electrical contractor, and constructed back-bone telecommunications systems for a large media and technology company. By focusing on the principles of efficiency and effectiveness, Patrick’s experience and training has culminated in a true passion for the design, development, implementation, and support of automated systems in the industrial and commercial sectors.

When he’s not working, Patrick is an avid skier and motorsports hobbyist. He enjoys sharing outdoor joy with family, friends, and canines alike.

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