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Since the start of Live Automation in 2002 we have become a leader in providing complete automation and control systems integration solutions to manufacturers throughout North America. We’re proud to have approximately 75% of our business coming from repeat customers, as that’s a true testament to the work and dedication we pour in to making each client relationship a true partnership.



Live Automation has been privileged to work with both large and small companies throughout North America, helping them to create, design, integrate and improve their manufacturing processes, equipment, production and operations.  Explore our  sampling of the clients and industries we have been fortunate enough to partner with.


Proven Process

Everybody has a skill; we all have something that we do better than most people. In our particular case, it is programming PLCs, HMIs and SCADA, and just about anything to do with customized industrial process automation. With over 15 years of on-the-job automation engineering experience (and not including our personal projects where we teach PLCs how to jump through flaming hoops!), we’ve developed a proven process that works, no matter how simple or complex the manufacturing challenge. Collaborating with you step by step throughout the process, we’re able to deliver a modern industrial automation solution that’s guaranteed to meet your needs.


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