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Custom Automation Equipment

Today’s demanding global manufacturing environment requires innovative solutions that address your unique business challenges while helping you maintain and increase your competitive advantage. From simple to highly complex machine solutions, we can collaborate with you to provide cost-effective and dependable custom automation equipment that supports your operational efficiency, profitability and safety objectives – and many times, the solution may surprise you.


Automation Solutions PLC & HMI

We started as the PLC GUYS, and we’re proud of it! That foundation has solidified our belief that at the heart of all lean manufacturing objectives and modern industrial automation systems are reliable, easy to maintain PLC controls, backed by a team of PLC programming resources that can quickly consult on, troubleshoot and resolve any issues that can jeopardize operations. With PLC controls driving the success of your automation investments, we think it’s critical to have a partner in automation that can provide experienced, creative and innovative PLC programming resources, and one that’s up for any challenge that comes their way!


Automation Software - SCADA

Live Automation’s seasoned crew of SCADA programmers understands that clearly presented information, intuitive system controls and clear navigation are the core of good SCADA/HMI programming, which ultimately drives operational efficiency and performance. Our clients appreciate that we can design to their standards and that we never try to force them into a box. However, if you don’t yet have standards, we have some great ones, and we think you’ll like what you see. Either way, we’ll do the heavy lifting, but we will involve you every step of the way so that you wind up with a system you love.


Parts for Automation

Time is money. And so by directly supplying customers with off-the-shelf replacements, customized parts and factory reconditioned components, Live Automation can drastically reduce set-up and installation time, which is critical when it comes to getting production back up and running. Sourcing parts, combined with our proficiency in configuring and programming within most control system platforms, you can react quicker and lessen the impact of a down automation system.