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Process Automation R&D, Prototype and Concept Development

Innovation. Speed. Out-of-the-box solutions. It happens often - you have a great idea but don’t know just how to execute it (or maybe you do, but don’t know who to trust to build it.) Every project starts with an idea and you need a specialized team dedicated to making that idea a reality. Live Automation has helped many clients go from concept to production and we can help get you there too.

Champions of Your Ideas

Whether developing new products that don’t yet exist or designing processes that overcome current technological barriers, our team of engineers stands apart from others with their superior technical, creative and problem-solving abilities that come together to deliver a solution in a relatively short period of time. We’re ready to research, prototype and test your concept (and yes, we can even help you create a concept) at our facility.

We’re driven by our belief in your team, your project and your purpose. Often times, innovative ideas and early R&D projects aren’t as obvious to people outside the project as to those on the inside. During this stage, these projects need a champion to guide them through the rest of the development stages.

To Prototype or Not?

Most often our R&D and prototype clients come to us with only an idea and are looking for someone knowledgeable enough to take their ideas to the next level. The early phases of new product development are so important as far as the potential for most substantial impact on the innovation outcome. Do you need 3D printing, animated solid models, simulated control systems? Prototypes play a vital role with regard to exploring various concepts and can reduce much of the technical uncertainty. And when a prototype can prove the value of an idea, there’s no better feeling!

Live Automation has a "fleet" of state of the art composite 3D printers from Markforged, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Fiberglass. And if we can't 3D print your prototype,  we can probably machine it in metal leveraging our well-equipped machine center including Haas CNC Mills, Trak CNC Lathe, Mini Mill, and many manual machines.  Contact Us to request a print sample.

Evaluating and Testing the Design

Unfortunately, ideas and drawings of a design can sometimes be a far cry from the real world in which the product will be used. By creating a prototype, it is possible to sit down with a real version of the product and determine which aspects are worthwhile and which parts need to be revised or discarded. In this process, it may be possible to find glaring omissions that, on paper, weren’t noticeable.

Determining Product Costs and Issues

By prototyping before production begins, it is possible to take a glimpse at the production process and see if any steps can be changed, combined or even removed. This not only streamlines the production process, but it keeps the cost of the actual production to a minimum.

How Can We Help?

Take a look at our proven process for custom automation success and see how we can transform your idea into a reality. Just try and throw us a problem we can't solve. We love a challenge! Call (866) PLC-GUYS to discuss.

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