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Custom Medical Textile Machines

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"Cheaper, more capable, and more flexible technologies are accelerating the growth of fully automated production facilities. The key challenge for companies will be deciding how best to harness their power."
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Medical Automation Equipment that Delivers Your Products Faster

Designed by a highly-skilled engineering team with years of controls knowledge and application experience, our medical textile machines are both modular and customizable to provide you with the utmost flexibility in responding to customer requirements. With the ability to extend functionality through modular machine add-ons, provide support for round or flat suture tipping, and offer adhesive or heat tipping options, our suture tipping and cutting machine is capable of quickly and easily executing on and adapting to various requirements without negatively impacting cost or delaying time to market.

An Innovative Approach to Suture Tipping and Cutting Machines

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Unlike other suture tipping and suture cutting machines that are built overseas, Live Automation has developed an innovative design and cost-effective solution to building and maintaining machines that handle post-suture manufacturing finishing processes. Regardless of the suture types - implantable, absorbable, non-absorbable, customized, and special suture sets – or suture material - nylon, polyester, polyglycolic acid or other glycolide polymers – our suture cutter machine and suture tipping machine provide a stable, quality solution that can be operated and maintained with ease.

Suture Machine Features & Specifications

With flexibility and agility top of mind, our suture tipping and cutting machines are built with the thorough understanding that sutures are inherently a custom product based on the needs of specific surgical operations and medical professionals.

  • Close Loop Servo Driven Tip and Cut Machine
  • High Speed PLC and Servo Controls
    • Temperature - +/- .5 deg C
    • Tension – 0-1000 grams
  • Suture Collection Tray: Good Parts & Rejects
  • Standard Cut Lengths from 200mm to 1750mm
    • Longer lengths optional up to 3000mm
  • Optional Features:
    • Heat Tipping
      • Fixed Dye: 10mm to 100mm
      • Variable Dye: Up to 300mm
    • Cyanoacrylate Tipping
    • Round/Flat Detection and Tipping
    • Necking Technology
      • Reduced Diameter: Pultrusion Dye Based; Time, Temperature and Tension
    • Flat Braid Fold and Weld Option
    • Compound Angle Cutting Options
    • Inline Laser Micrometer
      • On the fly diameter gauge
      • Knot detection and removal

Reel to Reel Rewind Machine Specifications

  • Electronically geared servo driven payoff and rewind
  • Tension-controlled precision spooling
    • Rolling Ring Traverse Standard
    • Servo Optional
  • Multiple package options including DIN size bobbins, Dye Tubes, etc.
  • Constant Closed Loop Feed Rate with Active Dancer
  • Optional Inline Diameter Sensing

Suture Hot Stretch Machine Specifications

  • Textile hot stretch machine with heated Godets
  • Up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Servo based digitally precise infeed tensions and stretch ratios
  • Line speeds up to 200 feet per minute
  • Tension-controlled precision spooling
    • Rolling Ring Standard
    • Servo Optional

Constant Tension Core Feeder Machine Specifications

  • Tensions from <1g to 1kg
  • Standalone package with Controls for Two Feeders
  • Servo Driven and Dancer Controlled

Multiple Head Semi-Automatic Bobbin Winder Machine Specifications

  • Four to Six Winding Positions
  • Standard Rolling Ring Traverse
    • Optional Servo Driven Traverse: Custom Winding Patterns
  • Optional servo driven standalone payoffs for multiple thread packages
  • Automatic adjustment of various bobbin sizes up to 320mm
  • Infinitely Variable Speed Control with HMI

Custom Specialty Automatic Braiding Machine Specifications

  • Round/Flat Braiders
  • Classic Braider Controls Retrofit
    • Servo Upgrades
    • Variable Pick Options
  • Benchtop Show Braider
    • Designed for trade show booths and demonstrations

Suture Diameter Testing Machine Specifications

  • Test to USP Standard
  • Single Operator with Automatic Logging and Reporting to PC

Electrospinning Machine Specifications

  • Electro-spinning machine with PLC controls
  • Modular and can be constructed to meet specific needs.
  • Single or Multiple Head Precision injection pumps
  • Servo driven traverse and variable speed spindle
  • Specifications
    • Spindle speeds of 0 to 1800 RPM
    • Needle voltage of 0 to 40K volts
    • Traverse adjustable from 0.2 to 48 inches
    • Interlocked safety controls
    • Automated needle cleaning system
    • Vacuum extraction of chamber air
    • Variable Mandrel speed for different amounts of fiber attenuation

Calendar Machine Specifications

  • High speed reel-to-reel calendar
  • Adjustable process speeds up to 400 meters per minute
  • Constant tension payoff and wind-up
  • PLC controls allow for easy machine setup and accurate control of all operations
  • Digitally controlled pneumatic clamping system

Skein Winder and Suture Coating Lines

Please contact us for more information and to discuss your specific requirements.

Medical Automation Equipment Maintenance

Because our machines are made in the USA, you have convenient access to local sales, service and support. Not only is the Live Automation team completely accessible, but when needed, any replacement parts can be available to you within a matter of a day or two.

Custom Medical Machine Safety

Our suture tippers and cutters come equipped with the following standard safety features:

  • All parts that come in contact with the sutures are made out of stainless steel or inert ceramics.
  • Ability to set multiple levels of operator control
  • Equipped with hard wired safety equipment
  • Equipped with specific holes for lock-out tag-out procedure
  • It fulfills the regulation of CE-marking and US machinery safety standards

See What Our Medical Textile Machines Can Do for You: Engineering Study

Understanding that there’s no room for error, our team of highly-qualified engineers maintain a laboratory to test our ability to meet your specifications. Before committing to purchase a suture tipping and cutting machine, we test your material with the guidelines you provide, then within a week, provide you with samples for your review and a copy of how the machine operated during the test run. Contact Us About Conducting an Engineering Study

How Can We Enhance Your Medical Textile Machine Solutions?

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