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Our company has struggled finding qualified automation engineers in the past. Live Automation has been able to fill a critical need for specialized PLC and controls expertise at our site. Our first experience with Live was an emergency service call on our high speed production line. Live had an engineer on-site within hours and had the line back up and running 15 minutes later. Since then, Live has installed VFD upgrades, PLC programming changes and has consulted on our controls migration plan. Having a trusted automation partner has made my job much easier.
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We are the PLC Guys!

We started as the PLC GUYS, and we’re proud of it! That foundation has solidified our belief that at the heart of all lean manufacturing objectives and modern industrial automation systems are reliable, easy to maintain PLC controls, backed by a team of PLC programming resources that can quickly consult on, troubleshoot and resolve any issues that can jeopardize operations. With PLC controls driving the success of your automation investments, we think it’s critical to have a partner in automation that can provide experienced, creative and innovative PLC programming resources, and one that’s up for any challenge that comes their way!

Updating or Creating New PLC & HMI Systems

Do you have a system extant, or are you creating something exciting and new? Either way, we're here to help. Whether the requirement is for the automation of machines, additions or modifications to existing plant processes or a complete design and build package, our ability to work on numerous automation platforms sets us apart from other partners. No matter what PLC platform you leverage, we are expertly prepared to support your needs by maintaining software licenses and trained experts for nearly all current and legacy PLC platforms, including:

  • Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation (SLC150, SLC500, PLC-2, PLC-5, CompactLogix, Contrologix)
  • Siemens (S5, S7, TIA-Portal)
  • Omron (NX, NJ, CS, CJ)
  • Schneider/Modicon
  • GE Intelligent Platforms
  • Automation Direct (Click, DirectLogic, Productivity, Do-More)
  • Mitsubishi (Q Series, F Series, L Series)
  • And many more

Migrating Existing PLC Controls

As we all know, software and hardware doesn't last forever. The good news though is that the automation technology currently available is simply stunning with its capabilities (it’s significantly better than just five years ago.)

Avoiding industrial control system obsolescence is a major priority of companies who want to avoid the risk of unplanned downtime, higher repair costs, limited network options, increase in production errors and even the safety of their staff. Whether you’re looking for a complete modernization or a phased migration, we’re up to speed with all the latest modern software and hardware so we can deliver a new system that will not only be more secure and help you avoid these significant risks, but will also seamlessly incorporate into your current processes.

Live Automation is proficient in the following HMI platforms:

  • Fuji Electric/Monitouch
  • Allen Bradley Panelview, PanelView Plus
  • Siemens
  • Exor
  • Red Lion
  • Pro Face
  • Unitronics
  • And many more

Benefits of HMI

The HMI provides your business with a real time textual or graphical view of system conditions and operations, vital information absent with simple pushbutton panels or switch banks. With HMIs offering more robust monitoring, control, status reporting, data collection and other functions, you can maximize the ROI of your PLC investment, ultimately driving both operational efficiency and profitability.

  • HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICS allow the operators to see a very realistic view of the plant and control the plant from a central location. This helps with security as well because the operator does not need to go near dangerous equipment to control the monitor.
  • ALARMS will help the operator see malfunctions and errors so that they can react faster. Alarms can be preventative and alert operators before malfunctions occur, or they can be used to track various problems and to optimize manufacturing processes to increase productivity.
  • RECIPE MANAGERS allow simple and complex recipes to be controlled with HMI. Operators are able to quickly select a set of operating parameters from a list of preset recipes, reducing the opportunity for error.
  • ACCURATE TESTING WITH SIMULATION allows plant managers to easily test devices and equipment using a flexible HMI with simulation. Testing can be done in an office setting without using a single piece of equipment, improving overall production and reducing startup time.
  • REDUCED COSTS are achieved because an HMI can replace hundreds of push buttons, indicator lights and selectors, and reduces the need for additional hardware such as control panels, cables, and consoles, thus lowering the cost of unnecessary hardware and making better use of the available space.
  • IMPROVED COMMUNICATION because HMIs can enhance communications with different devices throughout the workplace, including remote I/O, Ethernet Ports, Serial Port, Dynamic Data Exchange, and more. HMIs can connect many devices and machines together and add functionality at the same time.

How Can We Help?

For over 15 years, Live Automation has built a reputation as the PLC Guys. Give us a call at (866) PLC-GUYS and just try to throw us a problem we can't solve - we love a challenge!

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