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Why Choose Live Automation?

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For the last 15 years Live Automation has consistently been an excellent resource for anything from electrical controls to troubleshooting to PLC and VFD upgrades to large-scale, complex electromechanical systems design.
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Searching for the Best Industrial Automation Solutions Partner?

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Since the start of Live Automation in 2002 we have become a leader in providing complete automation and control systems integration solutions to manufacturers throughout North America. We’re proud to have approximately 75% of our business coming from repeat customers, as that’s a true testament to the work and dedication we pour in to making each client relationship a true partnership.

#1 Our Reputation: We are PLC Guys!

Our team’s unparalleled technical knowledge of PLCs and industrial devices including sensors, transducers and actuators allows us to automate your machinery and processes in the most efficient way possible, saving both time and money.

#2 One Stop Shop for Building, Programming and Parts

Some industrial automation partners may excel at building custom automation solutions, but not at actually programming the system, and vice versa. But at Live Automation, we excel at both so that you can collaborate with one partner for all of your automation needs, including parts too!

#3 PLC, HMI and SCADA Platform Agnostic

Whether you require complete custom automation, controls integration, or a single service, we can meet your needs. Our team is trained in multiple platforms, allowing us to work within your current systems and execute projects quickly without any platform or software restraints. Maintaining a platform agnostic approach, we can evaluate and consult on your projects without bias for one company or another. And, we are always up for a good challenge!

#4 Custom Automation Experience in Your Industry

Live Automation engineers, designs, manufactures and retrofits custom automation and material handling machinery for industries as diverse as food and beverage, aerospace, water/wastewater/utilities, medical textile and devices, and high-precision optics. From design concept to testing and training, our expert machine builders will help you develop custom solutions that meet your needs and budget.

#5 Expertise in System Upgrades and Migrations

When hardware or software becomes obsolete an automation systems upgrade is in order. Whether you are looking for a complete modernization a phased migration, our engineering team can deliver a system that will not only be more secure, but will seamlessly incorporate into your current process.

#6 We Only Partner with the Best

We don’t work with just any one.  When it comes to quality and value, we strategically partner with manufacturers, distributors, and other 3rd party providers to ensure that the focus stays on sourcing the best products available. With this focus driving our partnerships, we can pass the value and quality along to our customers.

#7 We’re There When You Need Us

We understand that your top priority is not only to implement automation that works optimally, but also to maintain it so that it continues to deliver peak performance for the long run. You can feel confident that we don’t just 'build it and go,' just ask our long standing customers. Instead, our dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts provides support, troubleshooting and field services 24 hours a day to insure your systems are up and running.

How Can We Help?

At Live Automation, we come to work every day with the same goal – to provide our customers with the very best in industrial automation solutions, services and support. We look forward to talking with you. Call us at (866) PLC-GUYS.

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