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Benefits of PLC Remote Access to Manufacturers

Benefits of PLC Remote Access to Manufacturers

Integrating more efficiency makes way for competitive advantages

As you may be experiencing first-hand, world events like COVID-19 impact the ability for manufacturers to insure uninterrupted production given supply-chain pinch points as suppliers, transport logistics, etc. are affected by government regulations. And for those manufacturers who have a labor force impacted by illness, or who have had to limit operations due to resource availability, the fear of a total stop in production is an added stress at this already heightened time.

To minimize downtimes and stoppages from a machine performance perspective, and to have a plan to cover workforce absences, forward-thinking manufacturers are setting up their factories with remote access to machines for monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance purposes.  With PLC remote access offering fast, secure and easy remote monitoring, the short-term investment produces a quick return for most companies who are realizing the need to transform the way in which they work in the wake of COVID-19 and its impact on the global economy.

Benefits of Factory PLC Remote Access

Set-up with easier and faster access to your machine, PLC and HMI (control panels), remote support is fully web-based, allowing you to log on through any smartphone, computer etc. With this level of convenient, 24/7 access, integrated remote support can help you to:

        • Reduce Operational Costs
          By remotely monitoring and making necessary PLC program changes, you can implement changes faster. And for manufacturers, time is money, so any delays or hiccups can be costly.  Additional savings come from the fact that you avoid paying travel expenses for a resource to make trips to the site where the equipment is located.
        • Eliminate Production Downtime
          When problems occur, the machine’s engineer can immediately analyze and resolve the issue from anywhere in the world. With the installation and configuration of an advanced industrial vpn router for plc remote access, you can setup and control a secure connection to your machines while keeping your corporate network secure.
        • Mitigate Stoppages and Failures
          24/7 access to supervise, update and change PLC parameters minimizes breakdowns and the risk of machines failing.

    PLC Remote Access Security

    With a user-friendly interface that makes PLC remote access available to a broader base technical team, remote access maintains security as its top priority by providing:

        • Compatibility with existing factory networks;
        • Robust VPN security;
        • Customer-controlled VPN control;
        • Flexible user management;
        • Audit Trail Reporting; and
        • Two factor authentication.

    How to Access PLC Remotely

    Live Automation can provide expert level service with remote access that can drastically reduce your maintenance costs and optimize your machine uptime. Remotely, we can troubleshoot and program PLCs, view and control your HMI, connect to a web camera for assistance, and even support our field technicians.  Although remote access offers a robust monitoring and control package, it is also cost effective. Contact us today for a quote