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Category: Medical Textile Machines

Domestic Suture Cutting and Tipping Machines Exemplify Pros of ‘Buying Local’

Benefits of USA Made Custom Medical Automation Equipment, Specifically Suture Cutting and Tipping Machines

In the medical device industry, the U.S. is well known globally for its ability to continually churn out innovative products as compared to its European and Asian counterparts. This R&D investment into innovation is key as larger medical device companies and healthcare providers look to get a lot leaner and are posed to use their purchasing power to shop around for solutions aligned with their lean objective. Additionally, as the healthcare industry focuses on delivering high-quality care while reducing costs, the supply chain will be a critical target for driving cost reductions and greater efficiencies.

For domestic medical device manufacturers, shopping for solutions locally can provide the innovation and efficiencies needed to maintain competitive positioning. Take for example suture tipping & cutting machines, which have been largely manufactured overseas in the last decade. By leveraging a USA manufactured version, large medical device companies and suture manufacturers can support their business and lean manufacturing objectives with the following benefits: Read more

How to Evaluate Medical Suture Tipping & Cutting Machines

suture tipperWith today’s medical manufacturers vying for top position in the industry, they are working to meet new market challenges, quickly responding to customer demands and uncovering new opportunities. And one of the critical keys to success – the ability to be more efficient than ever before. So, when it comes to procuring custom medical manufacturing equipment, such as a suture tipping and cutting machine, while common core capabilities exist among manufacturers, it will be the ones that can offer a high-quality end product while increasing efficiency that will lend a competitive edge.

When sourcing a suture finishing machine, a checklist can not only help standardize the process, but it can also help medical manufacturers ensure that their purchase meets all of their customers’ quality standards and requirements, while meeting their own efficiency objectives.
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