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Category: Upgrading

Avoid Obsolescence Risk with PLC Retrofitting

Increase Operational Productivity and Reduce Machine Downtime

Older legacy control systems can be more than just a headache for manufacturers to deal with. Utilizing obsolete parts make it increasingly more difficult to purchase replacement parts – a sometimes lengthy process depending on part availability – with the length of operational downtime dependent on the availability. Once the part is available, then there’s the associated task of the programming resources required to get your factory up and running again.

Between the cost of system repairs and system down time, you can easily start to chip away at your bottomline. And when left unaddressed for too long, eventually your old control system will be the culprit behind more frequent unplanned downtime.  Yet, the biggest risk with PLC and HMI solutions becoming obsolete and failing comes if you don’t have a back-up of the program. Read more