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Avoid Obsolescence Risk with PLC Retrofitting

Increase Operational Productivity and Reduce Machine Downtime

Older legacy control systems can be more than just a headache for manufacturers to deal with. Utilizing obsolete parts make it increasingly more difficult to purchase replacement parts – a sometimes lengthy process depending on part availability – with the length of operational downtime dependent on the availability. Once the part is available, then there’s the associated task of the programming resources required to get your factory up and running again.

Between the cost of system repairs and system down time, you can easily start to chip away at your bottomline. And when left unaddressed for too long, eventually your old control system will be the culprit behind more frequent unplanned downtime.  Yet, the biggest risk with PLC and HMI solutions becoming obsolete and failing comes if you don’t have a back-up of the program. Read more

Benefits of PLC Remote Access to Manufacturers

Integrating more efficiency makes way for competitive advantages

As you may be experiencing first-hand, world events like COVID-19 impact the ability for manufacturers to insure uninterrupted production given supply-chain pinch points as suppliers, transport logistics, etc. are affected by government regulations. And for those manufacturers who have a labor force impacted by illness, or who have had to limit operations due to resource availability, the fear of a total stop in production is an added stress at this already heightened time.

To minimize downtimes and stoppages from a machine performance perspective, and to have a plan to cover workforce absences, forward-thinking manufacturers are setting up their factories with remote access to machines for monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance purposes.  With PLC remote access offering fast, secure and easy remote monitoring, the short-term investment produces a quick return for most companies who are realizing the need to transform the way in which they work in the wake of COVID-19 and its impact on the global economy. Read more

Outsourcing an Automation System Integrator

Benefits to Industrial Manufacturers

Manufacturers looking to expand their operations and market share are keenly focused on operating more efficiently and increasing productivity, all while controlling costs and potentially working with limited staffing growth. And with today’s manufacturing processes being more advanced and complicated than ever before, manufacturers are investing in customized automation solutions to support their operations and business objectives. With that investment inevitably follows the question about who will support the company’s industrial controls systems? Is it better to staff the project internally or to seek outside help in the way of an PLC system integrator? Read more